Consultants, promoting Sustainable, Equitable Development
Community Development
It all begins when the community identifies their goals, yet is not clear on the most effective way to to reach them
The development process supported by LWB, proposes a feasible and comprehensive improvement of living conditions, achieving sustainable economic growth, socially equitable and based on a rational use of natural resources.
When the community identifies its needs, the work of LWB Ltda begins.
This approach requires the input of professional excellence with social commitment, where the consultant is a true facilitator in the process of empowerment and community development.
The conclusion of the consultancy allows the community to continue with sustainable development, without relying on further interventions from LWB.
Community management is essential for achieving a long term development impact, where the community is the main protagonist of the required change process.
We have achieved an outstanding record in development projects, with particular emphasis on water, sanitation, the environment and institutional strengthening.

An ability to respond quickly to requests for cooperation, achieving alliances, writing successful bids and finding highly qualified local and international staff.

Extensive knowledge of the local reality and international consulting.

Professional excellence with social commitment.

Close ties with local organizations from the government, private and non-government sectors.

A core team of top professionals with extensive experience in development.
Martin Ede
Martin Ede

Mechanical engineer, agricultural and environmental economist by profession, with over 35 years experience in 30 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Oceania and Europe, with emphasis on:

- Management of integrated rural development projects, water and sanitation, rural infrastructure and the environment.

- Management of integrated rural development projects, water and sanitation, rural infrastructure and the environment.

Eeva Alejandra Ede
Eeva Alejandra Ede

A civil engineer, trained in England, with experience in Bolivia and abroad.

- Project management, development of logistics in tenders and bids.

- Control and monitoring of projects, supply management, personnel control.

- Development of budgets, unit prices.

Her work in the social area is highlighted, ensuring a positive relationship with all stakeholders.

Carlos Andrés Bellido
Carlos Andrés Bellido

A Civil Engineer, a Master’s in Management and Audit specializing in Integrated Management of Water and Wastewater Treatment.

- Experience in Modeling Water Systems and sewage networks, construction supervision and construction design with an emphasis on water supply and hydraulics.

- Solid knowledge that ensures management and implementation of infrastructure projects, water and sanitation, sustainable development and environmental management.

Alvaro Camacho
Alvaro Camacho

External consultant

Civil engineer, works with LWB in several projects implemented its Comprehensive knowledge of Water and Sanitation Sector, has extensive experience in:

- Management of urban water supply, sewerage network and management of water resources in the context of urban water suppliers.

- Formulation, preparation and implementation of projects covering the regulation of providers of technical assistance.

Thomas Sonntag
Thomas Sonntag

External consultant

Works with LWB as a consultant in charge of the area “Opportunities, Organizational Development and Project Planning.

He covers capacity building, as well as social, economic and financial evaluations of projects, components of participatory planning and social promotion. He has over 20 years of professional experience, primarily in the area of basic sanitation. He has worked in 10 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. With an outstanding record of sustainable development projects and processes of social research, Mr Sonntag is an ideal consultant.

Miguel A. Gomez
Miguel A. Gomez

Colombian, M.Sc. in IWRM, Architect, Land and Urban Planner. With more than 11 years of experience (gathered in Colombia, Peru, Germany, the Philippines, and Bolivia) currently focuses its work in the connection of Integrated Watershed Resources Management and Landscape Planning under principles of micro-Decentralization, Squared Health (Environmental Health indispensable for Human Health), "Multi-dimensional" Productivity, "Aproppiate-Aproppiation" of the Territory and Climate Change at Human Scale



Recent news and activities of LWB


Final Report COMDev handed in

LWB-DAVIU delivers the Final Report on Community Development of the San GABRIEL Drinking Water and Sanitary Sewer Project. It complied with more than 80% of the connections, exceeding the client's indicator.


Final Report NORST Ghana approved

With an excellent calification, the final report for the NORST project is approved.




 Following on from our last news ítem, Martin Ede, Land and Water Bolivia Director is travelling to Ghana on 9 September for the first of two assignments to lead the team for the "Summative Evaluation of the Northern Region Small Towns Water and Sanitation Project (NORST)".



Martin Ede, LWB Director, has been invited by the Canadian High Commission in Ghana to negotiate a contract for the "Summative Evaluation of the Northern Region Small Towns Water and Sanitation Project (NORST)" in the Northern Region of Ghana. LWB has put together a skilled multi-disciplinary team of Ghanaian and International staff to complete the assignment.




LWB on the move

LWB Consultants are working with staff from SEMAPA to analyse the potential to improve the coverage and effectiveness of service delivery in the city of Cochabamba, which has over 600 OLPEs.


LWB has linked to Ghanaian Consultants and presented an offer for the evaluation of the CIDA financed 7 year 30 million CA$ Norst Programme in Northern Ghana. The results of the offer are expected shortly.


Martin Ede has just returned from Papua New Guinea after an intensive mission with Planet SA to develop Operational Procedures roll out of the National WaSH Policy and provide vital input to WaSH project implementation in PNGs isolated rural areas.


Final Design Study for Lake Titicaca

LWB supports the with the Social Community Component in the Diagnosis for the Final Design studies for the Construction of Sewer Systems and Water Treatment Plants in 13 areas.


General Assembly GIZ in Bolivia-Periagua

On the 17th and 18th of February the General Assembly of the GIZ in Bolivia takes place. Integration-Land and Water-Sachsenwasser participate in this Assembly with another 200 people of all programs and projects of GIZ in Bolivia.


PERIAGUA II starts off

LWB together with their partners Integration GmbH and Sachen Wasser, sign the contract to continue on to PERIAGUA II. We continue to support the Ministry of Environment and Water for 36 months, all financed by GIZ.


Induction Workshop for PIM Phase

LWB-DAVIU participate in the Inducction workshop for the Medium Term Phase with SENASBA, for the community development in San Gabriel, Cochabamba


Mission East is Satisfied with our Work

Our main consultant, Martin Ede, just concluded the consultancy with Mission East in Tajikistan, as Programme Manager of the construction of water and sanitation systems in 2014 -2015.


LWB recieves Order tu Begin from SENASBA

After a long wait, LWB starts carrying out the project in Community Development and Sanitaion Education in San Gabriel Cbba.


LWB finalizes Baseline

Together with our partners, QUATRIM, LWB finishes the baseline in 250 communities for the project "Building  the business of the ecosystem for water and sanitation in Cochabamba"


We receive Contract extension for the Periagua Program

LWB, in partnership with Integration GmbH and Sachen Wasser, Germany, receives the extension of its contract from December 2014 to June 2016, with:

  • Extension of all long-term experts up to June 30, 2016.
  • Increase in national short-term missions 50 months to 70 months.
  • Increase in short-term international missions by 2 months


Notice of winning bid with SENASBA

LWB is notified of winning the tender: Community Development (DESCOM) and health education (ESA) in the investment phase of the projects 1) Implementing Community Development Basic Sanitation and Drinking Water in San Gabriel and Sewerage in Munaypata San Gabriel (Cochabamba) 2) Implementation Community Development Basic Sanitation Drinking Water Shinahota (Cochabamba)
Notificación de Adjudicación con SENASBA


Starting work with Water For People

Having won the tender for the project "Baseline Diagnostics Including sanitation coverage, quality water services, socio-economic conditions of families in the municipalities of Arani, Tiraqui, Villa Rivero, Villa Gualberto Villarroel and San Benito -Cuchumuela Department of Cochabamba" we begin work in partnership with QUATRIM srl.

We have excellent experience in sustainable development projects and processes of social research.